The Most Powerful Rack on the Planet

Introducing PV Booster

The Future of Solar

Designed for commercial and industrial rooftops, our premium rooftop tracker produces
more energy per panel than any other rooftop rack on the planet.

Features That Matter to You

PV Booster is a state-of-the-art system that saves money and maximizes the profitability of your solar investment.


PV Booster keeps the PV module optimized regardless of the time of day, assuring optimum energy capture. PV Booster is designed for low-cost shipping, fast installation, and reliable operation.


Simple integration with widely accepted solar design tools such as HelioScope and Energy Toolbase, which makes it easy for installers and EPCs.

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PV Booster is a plug-and-play system that lays out as fast as a fixed-tilt installation. Each PV Booster is secured to the roof using manufacturer-recommended methods, and we’ll even help you find the right one for your roof.

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PV Booster's real-time data collection system and remote control allow for easy and predictive O&M costs with little to no additional preventative maintenance required.

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Through our network of channel partners, we help you find the missing pieces needed to deliver your solar project

More Energy, Greater Savings

The PV Booster system helps increase energy collection and overall profitability while simultaneously saving money on virtually every install.

By leveraging PV Booster, one client saved big on a 175,000 sq ft rooftop.

That install led to more than a half-a-million dollar savings and a net profit of $150,000.






The organizations making up our growing ecosystem are selected because they believe in our product and specialize in providing 3rd party expertise in areas of finance, construction, and O&M.



Operations and Maintenance

Boost Your Project

Use our PV Boost™ tool below to see how much more power you can produce with PV Booster.




0 kWh/kWp



*Estimated production only, compared to 10° Fixed (roof mount) systems.

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PV Booster’s proprietary tracking algorithm aligns solar panels to the sun each and every day.
Let our team align your solar business with your clients’ energy needs today.