Can Solar Panels Be Recycled?

After 30 years, your solar panel will be nearing the end of its useful life and it will be time to replace it. What do you do with the old one? In the infographic below, Revolution Recycling, an electronics recycling and hard drive destruction company, shows how solar panels can be recycled. Did you know that […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do trackers on a roof make the most sense? Trackers make sense in any open spaces on rooftops because PV Booster produces up to 30% more energy from each panel. In some cases where roof area limits the size of the project, PV Booster may produce less overall energy than a fixed-tilt system, however, […]

Calculate PV Booster’s Estimated Production Using PVWatts

In a recent Solar Simplified walkthrough video, PV Booster director of sales Austin Williams shows you how to estimate the production value of the PV Booster rooftop tracking system on your roof. This feature helps you weigh the benefits of installing a PV Booster system and the potential energy generation. Watch the video below to […]

Setting up a PV Booster profile in HelioScope

In a recent Solar Simplified walkthrough video, PV Booster director of sales Austin Williams shows you how to set up a unique PV Booster-specific profile in HelioScope, one of the most widely used tools in the PV space. By setting up a profile, you’ll be able to quickly and easily scope rooftop PV projects using […]

Solar Power Could Still Save the World – VICE

Credit: VICE News – Geoff Dembicki – Full article here. Award-winning solar scientist Martin Green says the technology is being underestimated in climate predictions.   Our future on this planet is total, irrevocably, screwed. That would seem to be the message from last week’s major UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. Without societal changes […]

Solar Simplified: Rooftop Trackers Are the Solution to the Changing TOU Rates

Recently, together with Energy Toolbase and Folsom Labs, the creators of HelioScope, we discussed how PV Booster, the first commercially available rooftop solar tracking system, is transforming the C&I energy market for installers and developers. We know that many of you are being directly impacted by the recent changes to the TOU rates and understanding what […]

Chiquita Warehouse in Oxnard Receives 30% Boost in Energy Output by Leveraging PV Booster

  Late last year, we partnered with West Hills Construction on a 1.3 MW PV project in Oxnard, CA for produce giant Chiquita Brands. 3,300 PV Booster rooftop trackers, then in a dual-axis configuration, were installed across 368,000 square feet of the 528,000 square foot cold storage warehouse. The key draw for West Hills Construction […]

Solar Power International 2018 – A Look Back

Solar Power International (SPI) came and went faster than you can say “30% more energy per panel,” which, by the way, is what got everyone so excited when visiting the booth. In partnership with JinkoSolar, the leader in solar module manufacturing, we announced our plan to develop and introduce the Eagle PowerTrack performance bundle for C&I rooftops. […]

JinkoSolar Partners with Edisun Microgrids to Develop Eagle PowerTrack™ Bundle for C&I Rooftop Solar Projects

SHANGHAI and LOS ANGELES, Calif. – JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (“JinkoSolar”), one of the world’s largest solar module manufacturers, and Edisun Microgrids, Inc. (Edisun), a solar technology company that develops patented, distributed solar and energy storage technologies, today announced a partnership to develop the Eagle PowerTrack, a performance bundle for commercial and industrial (C&I) rooftops. […]