Solar Power International 2018 – A Look Back

Solar Power International (SPI) came and went faster than you can say “30% more energy per panel,” which, by the way, is what got everyone so excited when visiting the booth. In partnership with JinkoSolar, the leader in solar module manufacturing, we announced our plan to develop and introduce the Eagle PowerTrack performance bundle for C&I rooftops. The bundle, seen below, incorporates JinkoSolar’s new Eagle G2 module with our own PV Booster rooftop tracker, which when combined, add up to a 30% boost of energy per panel.

Together with JinkoSolar, we met folks from around the world and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the residential, utility-scale and, of course, C&I markets. The PV Booster – the first-ever solar tracker for rooftops – is poised to transform the solar landscape one roof at a time.

On Wednesday the 26th, we held the first-ever Breakfast of Champions where close to 100 people learned the ins and outs of the Eagle PowerTrack. On hand to talk about the bundle’s benefits were Conrad Chase of PV Booster and Mike Amati of Jinko. In addition, Rusty Wood of West Hills Construction was on hand to deliver real-life testimony and answer questions regarding the installation of the PV Booster in a large-scale setting at the Chiquita Banana warehouse in Oxnard, CA.

If you didn’t get a chance to make it to the breakfast, get a downloadable copy of the white paper here.

The best part of SPI, however, was being able to connect 1-on-1 with so many individuals who are excited about rooftop tracking and the solar industry as a whole. Over the coming days and weeks, we’ll be reaching out to new contacts, strengthening existing relationships, and building new partnerships. We’re eager to share our rooftop tracking technology with the world and fortunate to have you along for the ride. See you at next year’s Solar Power International in Salt Lake City!

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