Solar Simplified: Rooftop Trackers Are the Solution to the Changing TOU Rates

Recently, together with Energy Toolbase and Folsom Labs, the creators of HelioScope, we discussed how PV Booster, the first commercially available rooftop solar tracking system, is transforming the C&I energy market for installers and developers.

We know that many of you are being directly impacted by the recent changes to the TOU rates and understanding what these changes mean to you and your business is paramount. Products like trackers, specifically rooftop trackers, make for an incredible solution to maximizing profit and energy performance while simultaneously driving down costs on virtually every installation.

During the Solar Simplified webinar, Adam Gerza of Energy Toolbase evaluates the financial impact of a solar project using PV Booster’s single-axis tracking system vs a fixed-tilt system, under California’s new TOU utility rates.

Watch the Energy Toolbase portion of the webinar below.

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